common features

private context

your code is executed end-to-end in a private context, isolated from the rest of the system. This feature combined with the use of anonymous job protect against any retrieval attempt of your work.

standard intensive job

You work in the space allocated to you, the source code and result files are available in the "sources" and "results" directories. You can follow the status of your work in the main panel.

anonymous intensive job

The uploaded source code file is immediately deleted after the system has taken the work into account. As with all works, job is executed in a closed and private context. The job is not traced anywhere, only you receive by email the path of the result file to download. Following the download the file is immediately deleted, or will be deleted after 48 hours.


your request is queued, you may experience latency if service is busy.

limited time execution: your program is killed if amount of real time exceeds the duration you selected. For free computing the maximum duration is 60 secondes.



external modules are not available yet except sciGPGPU

sciGPGPU module

module sciGPGPU is automatically loaded if you request at least one GPU (intensive computing ony).

if needed kernel files must be present on same directory that scilab source file.

.... = gpuBuild("mykernelfile");

graphic mode

you get back the last figure you drew ex: plot2d()

export function of graphic window 0 is appended to your code





pycuda.autoinit is imported already, you must import what you need, example:

import pycuda.driver as drv

import numpy